REXLIS 3629 3.5mm Male to Male Car Stereo Gold-plated Jack AUX Audio Cable for 3.5mm AUX Standard Digital Devices, Length: 7.6m

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  • 1. Use full copper conductor, shielded for more than 5 meters.
    2. No loss of transmission sound quality, effective anti-interference, no noise.
    3. Aluminum alloy casing, the outer layer of the wire is protected by fiber, which is resistant to pulling, bending and bending, beautiful and durable.
    4. 24K gold-plated plug, strong compatibility. Suitable for all digital devices with standard 3.5mm Aux jacks.
    5. Uses: Used for links of automotive AUX, mobile phones, speakers, MP4, MP5 and other devices.

    1. Material: aluminum alloy oxidized shell, gold-plated plug, all copper conductor.
    2. Wire diameter: 3.2mm.
    3. Plug size: 19mmx7mm.

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