ROCK H1 USB-C / Type-C to 4K HD HDMI Adapter Cable, Cable Length: 5m

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  • 1. Switch to PC mode and operate on the big screen.
    2. Connect large-screen TVs, projectors, etc. to provide a wide viewing angle.
    3. 4K x 2K HD resolution provides audio and video sync.
    4. There are two modes of mirroring and split screen.
    5. The TPE is made of high strength and high elasticity, and the built-in tinned copper core provides stable transmission.
    6. Gold-plated plugs are resistant to oxidation and durability.
    7. Designed for Type-C interface devices.
    8. Plug and play, no additional drivers are required.

    1. Material: TPE + aluminum alloy.
    2. Mirror mode: Small screen and large screen sync brightness.
    3. Split screen mode: small screen Internet, big screen entertainment.
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