SADES SA-810 3.5mm Gaming Headset Wired Headphone with Wire Control + Mic for PC, Laptop (Black+Blue)

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  • 1. Ergonomic design: multi-point force sub-pressure head beam, suitable for players to play for a long time
    2. 15 degrees free reverse separable cool earmuffs, to ease a variety of head wear pressure, improve wear comfort
    3. 40mm high fidelity neodymium magnetic speakers, high sound sensitivity, good for a variety of game range
    4. High quality leather earmuffs, soft, comfortable and breathable
    5. Chariot style wire control design, can effectively enhance the texture, easy to adjust the headset volume and microphone switch during gaming
    6. Package includes:
    1 x Headset
    1 x 3.5mm female to dual 3.5mm male split cable