SADES SA-920 3.5mm Wired Hollow Three-stage Decompression Gaming Headphone with Retractable Microphone & 1 to 2 3.5mm Audio Cable, Length: 1.5m(Black purple)

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  • Features:
    1. Short-selling three-stage decompression belt for comfort.
    2. 40mm drive unit can effectively improve the sensitivity of the speaker unit.
    3. Braided wire design, high strength, anti-winding.
    4. The hidden microphone design can be included in the headset when not in use, reducing the obstruction of the microphone to the activity of the headset.

    1. Wearing method: head-mounted.
    2. Speaker diameter: 40mm.
    3. Frequency range: 20-20000Hz.
    4. Sensitivity: 115 +/-3dB 1KHz.
    5. Impedance: 32 ohms 1KHz.
    6. Input power: 15mW.
    7. Microphone sensitivity: -54dB+/-3dB.
    8. Headphone cable length: about 1.5m.
    9. Input interface: 3.5mm.
    10. Product weight: 352g.