SSK SCRS028 USB 2.0 Interface External Card Reader, Supports CF Card / MD

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  • 1. USB 2.0 card reader, stable reading and writing speed.
    2. Plug and play, no external power supply, hot plug support.
    3. High-speed transmission is compatible with multiple systems and has good compatibility.
    4. Compliant with USB2.0 standard, backward compatible with 1.1 protocol.
    5. Support Compact Flash Card Type I/ Compact Flash Card Type II/ Extreme III CF/ Microdrive.
    6. Read and write mode: The card is always on, and the reading and writing flashes.
    7. The product is portable and easy to operate.
    8. Bare metal size: 86x25x11.5mm.
    9. Bare metal weight: 16g.
    10. Material: ABS.
    11. Working temperature: 0-45 degrees Celsius.
    12. Working voltage: 5V.
    13. Working current: 300mA (maximum).
    14. Support Windows98SE/WindowsME/Windows2000/WindowsXP/Linux2.4 or above/MacOS9.0 or above.

    Windows 98SE does not have a built-in mass storage driver (Mass Storage Driver), you must download the driver from the official website to use.