TC04 USB Type-C 29W Laptop Power Dock Multi-function HUB with 2 USB 3.0 Interface 1 Type-C Interface

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  • Product Overview:
    TC04 is a charger dock for type-c interface computers or mobile terminal devices, providing type-c to USB interface conversion, fast charging and data transmission functions.

    Product Features:
    1. Compatible with most branded mobile phones or mobile terminal devices
    2. Dual USB3.0 interface and one type-c interface (supporting PD protocol)
    3. Adopt safety circuit protection mechanism to avoid overcurrent and short circuit
    4. Compact and delicate appearance, lightweight design.

    Charging Data Transmission:
    1. Connect the product to the adapter of for apple notebook.
    2. Put the silicone cover on and plug the adapter into the socket.
    3. Connect the for apple computer to the TC04 using the CtoC wire
    4. About charging, connect the data cable to the phone, and then connect to the USB port of the device.
    5. For data transmission, insert USB adapter into storage products such as U disk or mobile hard disk.
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