Type-c Turn hdmi Gigabit Network Card Multi-Function Converter HDMI+RJ45+PD+Audio+USB3.02+SD+TF Eight-in-one Expansion Dock Multi-Function HUB(Black)

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  • Type-C HUB Type-c to hdmi Gigabit LAN Multi-Function Converter HDMI + RJ45 + PD + Audio + USB3.02 + SD + TF 8-in-1 docking station multi-function hub

    Compatibility: Single-port multi-port, matching your Mac/Superbook to solve MacBook's single-port connection, multi-port extension limit, and playback is more exciting.
    Eight-in-one interface: Multi-function interface is combined into one, HDMI + RJ45 + PD + USB30 + SD + TF + audio.
    Widely compatible: Compatible with most USB-C enabled devices such as MacBook, MacBook Pro and Chromebook Pixel.
    Plug and Play: No software, drivers or complex installation procedures are required.
    Unique design: slim and compact design saves space. The aluminum alloy casing has higher heat dissipation efficiency.

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