[UAE Warehouse] PULUZ Card Reader + 22 in 1 Memory Card Case for 1Standard SIM + 2Micro-SIM + 2Nano-SIM + 3CF + 7SD + 6TF + 1CARD PIN

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  • Features
    1. Compact and lightweight design, convenient to carry.
    2. Adopt environmental protection ABS material without any odor.
    3. It is a tough, water-resistant polycarbonate case made to carry and store memory cards.
    4. Convex design on the case makes card media case more ergonomic and more comfortable.
    5. The case adopts a compact design, the two compartments both allow you store 1Standard SIM + 2Micro-SIM + 2Nano-SIM + 3CF + 7SD + 6TF + 1CARD PIN.
    6. The case with a micro USB 3.0 port, can as a card reader for reading TF / CF / SD card, read speed up to 5Gbps.
    7. With a 3 in 1 USB cable, USB 3.0 + micro USB 2.0 + Type-C to micro USB 3.0.
    8. The blue water-resistant TPV material seal keeps unwanted debris and water from entering the case.
    9. Note: The cards are not included.

    How To Read Card
    1. Open positive the left side blue soft rubber seal.
    2. Open the card case, put the card in the card slot, then close the cover.
    3. Use the data cable to plug into the read card box tail USB port.
    4. Use the corresponding match data transmission port to connect the corresponding devices which support OTG protocol.

    1. Q: MicroSD and SD card, how much capacity can it read? And whether it can read SDXC card?
    - A: MicroSD and SD card, it can read up to 128GB on PC, but read up to 64GB when connecting OTG phones. It can read SDXC card.
    2. Q: CF and SD card (or MicroSD) can not read at the same time, when the second card plug in, the first card can not work.
    - A: Yes, it can not read two card or more at the same time.
    3. Q: I tried 8GB, 32GB microSD card, can not identify. But I put the microSD card into the microSD card adapter, then intert this product, it can read the card, why?
    - A: First, you can try to change another card or re-pull out the microSD card and insert the card reader again. The second reason is that related to the data cable. Or the card maybe plug in the opposite direction.

    1. This product's read card function only support the devices with OTG function, not support iOS apple iPhones.
    2. Part of the OTG devices need to open OTG in the smartphone setting manually.
    3. The OTG function not supports the card 64GB or more.

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