USB Type-C 61W Laptop Power Dock Multi-function HUB with 3 USB 3.0 Interface 1 Type-C Interface

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  • Product Overview:
    TC05 is a charger dock for type-c interface computers or mobile terminal devices, providing type-c to USB interface conversion, fast charging and data transmission functions.

    Product Features:
    1. Compatible with most branded mobile phones or mobile terminal devices
    2.3USB3.0 interface and one type-c interface (supporting PD protocol)
    3. Adopt safety circuit protection mechanism to avoid overcurrent and short circuit
    4. Compact and delicate appearance, lightweight design.

    Charging / Data Transmission:
    1、Connect the TC05 usb type c hub to for Apple notebook adapter first.
    2、Put on the silicone sleeve and insert the adapter into the socket.
    3、Connect the for Apple computer to the TC05 with the C to C line.
    4、For charging, first connect the mobile phone with the data cable, and then connect the USB interface of the device.
    5、For data transmission, insert a storage device such as a USB flash drive or a removable hard disk into the adapter USB interface.
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