V178A USB-C / Type-C to USB 3.0 x 3 + USB-C / Type-C + HDMI + Audio Port + SD / TF Card Reader Multi-function HUB Adapter

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  • 1. Expand USB-C port mobile phone interface, support multiple devices to connect at the same time, mobile phone operation, more convenient office
    2. 3 USB3.0 interfaces, which can be connected with keyboard and mouse, which is more convenient for mobile game operation, and can also be connected with U disk reader, etc., with high transmission rate
    3. HDMI interface, big screen to watch movies and play games more refreshing
    4. It has Type-C power interface
    5. TF card / SD card slot, the phone can easily read the memory card
    6. Material: ABS
    7. Cord length: about 14cm
    8. Color: Black
    9. Size: 80x67x17mm