ZERODATE X70 2.4GHz Wireless 6-Keys 2400 DPI Adjustable Ergonomics Optical Gaming Mouse with Breathing Light(Black)

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  • 1. With six buttons and seven colors of the breathing light.
    2. It is suitable for game lovers.
    3. Ergonomic surface to reduce hand fatigue and 4 adjustable DPI options, this mouse will make your game experience more enjoyable.
    4. Keystroke life of up to 10 million times, can be repaired durable.
    5. 2.4GHz wireless connection (including USB receiver and rechargeable mouse USB cable).
    6. Built-in rechargeable battery capacity can reach 600mAh.
    7. Ergonomic design, can prevent and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
    8. Precision control optical laser technology
    9. User convenience, wow pen signature, comfortable folder.
    10. L / R mouse button, 2 thumb buttons and a clickable wheel, advance, retreat, DPI.
    11. You choose the most one suitable for your hand. Plug and play, compatible with Mac and PC.
    12. 7 colors of the breathing light to give users a cool gaming experience, you can turn off the lantern.

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